Stress Counselling

How I can Help

An element of stress is not a bad thing.  It motivates us to achieve.

However, when stress goes from a level where one can cope to a level where it is hampering our life and taking away our enjoyment, then it needs to be dealt with.


Stress can be brought on by work, relationship issues, money worries and many other causes and it is important to try to manage that so that it does not get out of hand and spoil the enjoyment of life.

Counselling works by helping a person so identify what is causing them an unacceptable level of stress and guiding them to work through things with the therapist.

Stress can also be exacerbated by other circumstances which are going on in one’s life which are not always evident on the surface.  This means that a person is trying to deal with a conscious situation without taking into account something which they may not be aware is adding to their stress.  These situations can vary from bereavement, early years, relationships and many others.

Sometimes we may have been brought up in a family where stress is common and this can become a way of life as this is the learnt behaviour we are used to.   It is about working on this in therapy to find a way to change and find coping strategies to deal with things and learn new ways so that life can feel easier.

Signs of stress can be problems with sleep, concentration, irritability, headaches and excessive drinking amongst other issues