Relationship Counselling

How I can Help

Many times relationships can hit bad times and it feels like we are very lonely and the situation is insurmountable.

You are not sure if you want to save your relationship, whether the relationship is retrievable or you just can not see what it going on.  Very often, when we are in something, we are not able to sit outside and look in to maybe find the answers we need.

Counselling can help with looking at your relationship from many angles and seeing if there are behaviors that could be changed to help save the relationship.


When working on relationships the breakdown is often due to a lack of communication between two people.  It is important to learn how to communicate to help understand each other.

Often the issues going on in a relationship keep appearing and chipping away.  By learning to communicate in a good and open way one can learn how to prevent these problems reoccurring again and again.

Some relationships can be very abusive, that is physically or mentally, both are very destructive.  It is about finding out if the relationship is right for you or should you be thinking about an ending and how you would go about this as it is never an easy decision.

Sometimes it has been a while since you have been in a relationship and it is the worry about how to be in that situation, how to start it and how to manage it.

This can apply to any relationship in one’s life from partners, family, friends, work colleagues.  At any time in our lives these can be in conflict or causing difficulties.

Happiness in relationships contributes in a big way to happiness in your life.