Anxiety Counselling

How I can Help

Anxiety is a normal feeling which we can all experience at times.  It can feel difficult and tends to set off the body’s natural “fight or flight” reaction when it happens.   This then causes us to suffer with apprehension and an element of dread about what may be going on or the future.  As with stress, a healthy level of anxiety can help a person to stay motivated and focussed but it can then start to take over and even result in an anxiety disorder.


Anxiety before an interview, exam or other every day challenges is quite normal but not if those feelings become overwhelming and hamper one being able to achieve the task required.


If you think you are suffering with anxiety it might help to ask yourself questions such as:

Are you worried, tense and irritable or often on edge?

Is your anxiety affecting your work or relationships?

Do you suffer with irrational fears or think something bad is going to happen?

Do you suffer from panic attacks, chest pains and other physical symptoms?

Are you drinking more than you were or using more drugs to cope with your anxiety?


It would be a help to find out the causes of the anxiety to see if you can work with a therapist to calm these impulses and therefore enable you to get more out of life and more enjoyment on a daily basis.